Become Fearless // Tips to Go After Your Goals

One thing that has plagued me for years, is my fear of public speaking. I’ve never been as fearless as I would love to be. I literally cringe at the thought of speaking to anyone I don’t know in a public setting. And don’t get me started on getting in front of the camera. Which leads me to this confession… To be totally honest with you, I had a run a few months back where I was feeling pretty good and showing up on my Instagram stories. I was showing my face and getting pretty comfortable with the idea of you seeing me in my everyday life. Then something happened. It’s like I can’t even explain it. Maybe it was seeing a dip in my followers or engagement that did it. 

Lifestyle blogger Nicole Reid at Home on Poplar Creek shares advice on how to become fearless and go after your goals

For some reason, I started to believe all the things I’ve told myself for so many years… That I was boring and who the heck cares about what I’m cooking for dinner or that I’m in the grocery store. So I went cold turkey and I just stopped showing up. I stopped showing up for you guys out of fear of judgement. And the crazy thing is, I have NEVER felt judged by you! But that’s the funny thing about fear. It causes you to believe things that aren’t real. Have you heard the acronym, false evidence appearing real? Yup. Every single thing that little voice tells you is not real.

Lifestyle blogger Nicole Reid at Home on Poplar Creek shares advice on how to crush your goals

In my constant struggle with fear for years, I’ve always made a conscious effort to at least try to identify where the fear came from. I may not have always had the answer but at least I knew fear was there. So over the past year while on my blogging journey, I have been even more aware and have been making bolder decisions to help me combat my fears. I’m sharing my biggest tips to help you become fearless and just do it down below!

Become Fearless // Stop Thinking and Just Do It!

One of the biggest things I’ve realized about fear is that the longer we’re in our head about something, the more fear creeps in. And then we talk ourselves out of things. In order to make bold moves you have to get out of your head and just do it! Whatever ‘it’ is!

Lifestyle blogger Nicole Reid at Home on Poplar Creek shares advice on how to stop thinking and just do it

Remember Your ‘Why’

When you know your purpose and understand your why, it gives you incredible strength to make bold moves. Write down why you’ve decided to lose weight or go back to school. Then place it somewhere that’s visible to remind yourself daily of your goals. The daily reminder makes more room in your head for your why and less room for fear.

Set Goals & Crush Them One by One

When is the last time you’ve created goals for yourself? Whether it’s personal goals or business goals, you should get into the habit of consistently setting goals. I usually don’t talk about mine but when I do, it’s usually with my accountability partner (which I’ll share more down below). Setting goals and then crushing them will help you feel more empowered and in control of your life. Which again, leaves less room for fear to take over.

In addition to keeping your goals at the forefront, be mindful of what you fill your spirit with. Get in the habit of reading and reciting positive affirmations and quotes daily. If you don’t know where to start, I’ve created a list of 25 Powerful Quotes to Live By.

Lifestyle blogger Nicole Reid at Home on Poplar Creek shares advice on how to write out your goals

Get a Confidence Coach or Accountability Partner

This is hands down the best advice I could give anyone! I have more than one accountability partners and lucky for me, one of them is an up and coming Confidence Coach. What exactly is a Confidence Coach? He or She helps anyone who is tied down and stuck by their lack of self-esteem, shyness, limiting beliefs and fear. You’d be surprised at some of the reasons you’re fearful once you start working with a coach.

My own experience has allowed me to make bold decisions more confidently and speak up for myself without fear… something that I’ve struggled with since a child. Find someone that you trust and someone that is committed to helping you see through your goals. He or she will help see you through times where fear is holding you back.

Lifestyle blogger Nicole Reid at Home on Poplar Creek shares advice on how to become fearless with a confidence coach

So what’s something you’ve always wanted to do but have been to afraid to? Let me know down below, shoot me and email or tag me on Instagram @homeonpoplarcreek and let’s talk about it! Let’s go into this last quarter of the year strong and fearless girl!

September 2, 2019

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