Easy Board and Batten Wall

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Do you love to DIY? How about tackling a project that will make any wall in your house stand out? Well, this easy DIY project needs to get on your list ASAP. To be honest, my favorite type of home projects are easy DIY ones that only take a few hours. I love how the board and batten walls can add texture and personality to just about any room.

Check out how to make this easy board and batten wall!

board and batten wall final

Here are a few quick things to remember before you get started with this super easy DIY project. Before I got started, I decided to use a peel and stick wallpaper above the board and batten wall which can easily be changed out. This step is optional, but the contrast really makes the board and batten stand out even more. Next, you need to pick a color for the wall. The color I chose was Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore but I had it mixed using Behr paint. Don’t you love that pop of color in the room?

If you are doing this on your own and want to make it easier on yourself, I suggest using a laser level since they are basically hands-free. Because I was working under time constraints, I decided to use a cordless nail gun; it was much easier for me to just grab and go.

Tools and supplies needed:

Table Saw
Nail Gun

Materials Needed:
1 x 3 pine boards (for the vertical strips and top rail)
8 ft bull nose general purpose trim (for the ledge)
7 ft decorative trim
Liquid Nails
¾ inch Finish Nails
Caulk – paintable caulk for molding
Caulk Gun
Fine Sand Paper
Paint of your choice
Paint Primer if needed
Paint roller
Wood filler
Spackle & Spackle Knife
Painters tape


board and batten wall before

Step 1: Measure your wall length. Decide on how far apart you would like your boards spaced and how high you would like your board and batten wall. Traditional heights range from 6 ft-7 ft but I opted to go a little higher at 8 ft. 

Sketch out your plans with measurements to get an idea of how far your boards need to be placed. Keep in mind the width of your boards when making your calculations.

Step 2: Layout your boards along your room to ensure you have your spacing exactly where you’d like it. Stay organized!

Step 3: Gather all your materials and ensure all of your tools are in working order. This will help!

Step 4: Place your decorative trim along the baseboard with the thickest part facing up. Before applying liquid nails and nails, make sure the trim is level. Once you are positive that it is, remove the trim, place a bead of liquid nails along the backside of your trim in a squiggly line and reapply to the wall. Reinforce with nails and make sure to check that your board is still level as you go.


Step 5: A lot of people choose to place their top horizontal board first but I placed my verticals first because I added the trim at the bottom. Start from one end of the wall and place your first vertical piece making sure that it’s level.

Again, you will start with a bead of liquid nails followed by reinforcing it with nails. You also want to make sure you cut each vertical board one by one as you go because you want all of your vertical pieces to be even.

Step 6: Repeat step 5 until all of your vertical boards are placed. 

Keep reading to see the final project…

Step 7: Make sure your vertical boards are in place. Once they are, place your horizontal board across the top securing with liquid nails and nails.

Step 8: Now, place your bullnose trim on top of your horizontal board making sure the trim is level and the bullnose faces out.

You’re almost done…

Step 9: This step is optional. I decided to use a thin piece of decorative trim under the bullnose trim to tie the boards together and give it a finished look. 

Step 10: Fill in all your nail head holes with spackle. Then fill in any spaces and gaps with your wood filler. Once dry, lightly sand smooth. Wipe clean with a lint-free damp cloth.

Step 11: Apply a thin bead of caulk along the seams where the board meets the wall and along the corners and baseboard. This step is very important because it will make the boards look seamless.

Step 12: Apply painter’s tape around the perimeters of your wall to protect your outer walls not being painted. If you have not purchased pre-primed boards, you may want to add a coat of primer to your wall and boards. I chose to skip this step but because I skipped, the wood grain shows through the paint. Take my advice… prime the boards! 

Step 13: Once your primer is dry, lightly sand smooth to make sure there are no bumps in the paint. Wipe dry with a damp lint-free cloth again. 

Step 14: Apply the first coat of paint. I like to use a paintbrush first to trim around the boards. Then I use a small foam roller to fill in the spaces on the wall. After the first coat is dry, apply a second coat if needed.

Step 15: Remove the painter’s tape while the paint is slightly wet. Don’t allow the tape to sit too long because this will cause your lines to not be nice and crisp! 

Step 16: Step back and enjoy your masterpiece! 

TA-DA! All done!

board and batten wall with chair
board and batten wall upclose

I am totally in love with the final product. And I wish that I tackled this project sooner because it’s an easy DIY project that brightened up this room. You never realize how boring a wall really is until you put a board and batten wall on one side.

board and batten wall


Wasn’t that super easy? That’s why I love this board and batten wall project! It’s super easy and it can make any room in your home feel custom! Are you ready to conquer another easy DIY project? Click here to see how to make easy DIY pantry shelves!

If you decide to take on this project, feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions. And don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @homeonpoplarcreek to show off your skills!

Until next time,


September 11, 2019

  1. Kenyatta

    September 11th, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    Looks fantastic Nicole. I’m taking notes doe my hallway!

  2. Nicole Reid

    September 12th, 2019 at 2:28 am

    Thanks girl!! I’m so happy to have done this all by myself. It was very easy to do!

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