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Charcuterie Boards seem to be the “it” thing right now. Everywhere you look on Instagram there are traditional simple boards to themed elaborate boards. I’ve always wanted to try one but my family is not big on soft cheeses that are traditionally found on charcuterie boards. Hello lactose intolerance… So I decided I’d give it a try using ingredients that we love to eat. My easy brunch charcuterie board is super kid friendly and I will admit… there are several shortcuts I took but the end is so worth it!

Lifestyle Blogger Nicole Reid of Home on Poplar Creek shares her easy brunch charcuterie board


Before you begin, you have to start with a base. I found a very basic but large cutting board on clearance at Homegoods. My board only cost me $12 and I can definitely use it in more ways than one. If you don’t already have a cutting board, you can use a serving platter, tray, or your imagination. How about a themed s’mores board using a cast iron skillet as your base?

You’ll also need serving utensils and small ramekins or bowls to hold your jams and spreads.


This is truly the fun part of building a board. You can really put on it what you desire. Since the theme of this charcuterie board is brunch, I went with easy no fuss breakfast items. And when I say no fuss, I truly mean no fuss. For starters, I planned out all of my meats.

~ Bacon

~Turkey Sausage

~ Smoked Salmon


Lifestyle blogger Nicole Reid of Home on Poplar Creek shares how to choose ingredients for an easy brunch charcuterie board


Next, I thought about my baked goods. I wanted items that would be filling but also easy to eat. This is also where I saved time. For my board, I decided to go with:

~ Mini Muffins

~ Mini Bagels

~ Biscuits

~ Mini Waffle Stacks

For each one of my baked goods, I chose to go with store prepared or frozen… Yup! You heard me right. For the sake of time, because we all know how hard it is to do anything with small kids, I decided to let my grocery store do all the work.

Lifestyle blogger Nicole Reid of Home on Poplar Creek shares how she uses Pillsbury buscuits on her easy brunch charcuterie board

Wegmans has the very BEST muffins I’ve ever tasted so I used their minis as well as their mini bagels. For the biscuits, I used frozen pillsbury biscuits and the waffles were frozen Eggos. I created mini waffle stack by scewering 3 waffles, one blueberry and one raspberry. Then I dusted it with powdered sugar!

Lifestyle blogger Nicole Reid shares how to make mini waffle stacks for her easy brunch charcuterie board

For the jams, I chose strawberry and peach that I also found at my local Homegoods. When thinking about my bagels, I went with plain bagels to suit many tastes but decided to go the sweet and savory route. I used strawberry cream cheese and sour cream and chives cream cheese. Both were prepared at Wegmans. I also included thinly sliced onions, capers and smoked salmon for the bagels.

Lastly, I filled in my board with a variety of fresh fruits.

Lifestyle blogger Nicole Reid of Home on Poplar Creek shares her easy brunch charcuterie board served with fresh orange juice

And that’s it! It really is all so simple but a great idea for Easter, Mother’s Day or any other get together’s you may have coming up. I’d love to hear some of your favorite charcuterie board ideas. Leave a note below!

Until next time,

Lifestyle blogger Nicole Reid of Home on Poplar Creek shares how to make her easy brunch charcuterie board

April 1, 2019

  1. Andrea

    April 8th, 2019 at 7:27 pm

    What time should I be there? I’ll bring the wine.

  2. Kala

    September 21st, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    This looks amazing! Would you mind sharing your budget with us? I’m hosting an embroidery workshop, but I don’t want to go crazy overboard with the spending. Thanks:)

  3. Nicole Reid

    September 22nd, 2019 at 12:32 pm

    Hi Kala! Thank you! I spent around $40 here but this is one of those things you could set a budget that works for you and work around that. I used Eggo mini waffles and jazzed them up by stacking them and dusting them with powdered sugar. I also used my local grocery store’s baked goods. I saved money on jams by using jams I found at Home Goods. You really can get as detailed as you want! I hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have more questions and please share what you come up with!

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