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Hosting a holiday at your home is a big deal. On top of shopping to stock your fridge for guests to cleaning, who has time to think about getting your home ready for guests? Girl, I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t stress around the holidays, and instead, use these quick and easy tips on how to get your home ready for guests during the holidays.​

Freshen up caulk around tubs, sinks, and toilets with Loctite® Re-New Caulk

Aside from the kitchen, bathrooms are the most used rooms in your home. Caulk lines around your tubs, sinks, and toilets are bound to wear over time and become unsightly. This is one of the best places you can update to make a huge impact. Loctite® Re-New makes it super quick and easy to apply and refresh. What I love most was there was no need to remove existing caulk and you can apply directly over it!​

You guys know I’m always looking for quick solutions so this was a huge win for me! It also has long last mold resistance and an integrated auto-smoothing applicator for a perfect result – easy to wipe off and retry. Loctite® Re-New is available at The Home Depot in the paint department.

How to Apply Loctite® Re-New

First, you want to wipe the existing caulk clean with a damp cloth.

Next, apply Loctite® Re-New right on top of the existing caulk. Be sure to hold the tube at a 45 degree angle and gently squeeze as you apply. To get an even smoother finish, repeat this step without squeezing the tube. Clean the applicator with a damp cloth and close the cap when done.

And that’s it! Super easy. Right? I was able to clean up my caulk lines in a matter of minutes while the kids played.

Here’s a look at how our baseboards looked before applying Loctite® Re-New:

And here’s the after:

Here are a few other things you can do to get your home ready for guests during the holidays:

Set aside towels just for guests

When guests come over your house, you may feel like you should only give them one or two towels. Girl, I’m here to tell you that you should set aside more towels than you think for your guests! I don’t know about you, but with little ones, I feel like I’m always trying to keep up with laundry. I love setting aside guest towels that are only for guests so I always know I won’t have to scramble to wash right before they arrive.

Keep extra sheets, blankets, and pillows

Sheets, blankets, and pillows are essential to guests when they stay in your home. Just because you put sheets, pillows, and blankets on their bed, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide extra! Giving them an extra layer or two of everything will give your guests the freedom to change the sheets as much as they want, add pillows under their head or body, and keep them warm with an extra blanket!

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Provide an iron and ironing board for your guests

When your guests have been traveling with suitcases, they will probably have wrinkly clothes. It’s never fun to pull out your favorite shirt or pants, and later find out you cannot wear it because it looks terrible! When you are going through how to make your guests’ life a little easier this season, provide them with their own iron and ironing board! Place these two items in their room and in a place they will be able to see them.

Place an alarm clock or smart device in your guest room

When your guests arrive, they will want to relax and run away from their responsibilities. Or they are older and may not have a smartphone with them. Place an alarm clock or two or a smart device in your guest bedroom so they won’t have to worry about bringing or checking their phone.

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Keep extra toilet paper, soap, and hand towels accessible in your guest bathroom

When you are hosting guests, you will be busy and running around. Sometimes it hard to stop and check if your guests have enough toilet paper, soap, and clean towels. When you are adding this to your guest bathroom, make it visible where all of these products are. The hand towel might get wet and gross, so it might be easier to have 2-4 laying out for them to grab with no problem!

Provide a basket for soiled towels and sheets

When they have stayed with you for a few days, guests might want to change their sheets or get rid of a smelly towel. Instead of them feeling awkward and thinking they are bothering you, add a basket for their dirty towels and sheets. They will feel more at home rather than feeling like a visitor.

Place hooks on the back of your door to give them a place to hang their towels

Adhesive hooks are a great way to add extra hanging space in your bathroom or guest bedroom so your guests can hang their towels up with ease. When you are hanging up the hooks, double-check that the towels are in an open area so they can dry properly! No one wants a wet and smelly towel.

Keep air freshener in the bathroom

With so many guests in your house, it might be challenging to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. Yes, you can have multiple bathrooms throughout your home, but it’s still not easy to make sure that your bathroom smells fresh every single time. Always keep an air freshener in the bathroom!

Getting your home ready for guests during the holidays doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. Use my easy tips to keep you and your guests happy!

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December 13, 2019

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