I’m a wife, mother, home design enthusiast, foodie 

and lover of all things home including nurturing the relationships with my loved ones. 

Life is far from a fairytale. As kids we dream about what our lives would be like.  But as I began my journey as a woman entering a marriage and parenthood, I started to realize.... 

More times than not, our homes aren’t Instagram worthy, our kids are a mess and it’s been months since you’ve had real time alone with your hubby. Life is hard. Period. And time waits for no one. But for some reason, we all feel like we’re alone in our struggles. We all are dealing with the same issues but most of us are afraid to open up. 

life is far from perfect. 

hey girl hey

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 I’ve also felt some of life’s greatest joys like buying our first family home, starting a family and making our home a warm and welcoming place.

miscarriage, infertility and depression.

felt like their best just isn’t good enough.

Grab yourself a drink and some tissues

I’ve lost a parent, had a few failed businesses and then found my joy again.

But girl, I want you to know it is. Let’s ugly cry together and then pick ourselves up and laugh together. I’m not here to be a coach or therapist. I’m here as your friend and ready to embrace womanhood together! 

I've dealt with tough issues like

I want you to join me and a community of women just like you who've 

 as we get ready to do life together! If you're like me and have a husband that works ungodly hours, this community of girlfriends is a must.

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So many ups and downs, right? I’m here to tell you that’s life and it ain’t perfect and it ain’t easy.

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I love to team up with other bloggers and brands that share my passions and values. If you think we’re a good fit or just want to connect, go ahead and reach out...I can’t wait to meet you!



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